Vibro shape electric slimming belt

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New Slender Fat Burning Massager Loss Weight Slim Belt
Vibro Shape is a high-performance device that utilises palpitaing movements in order to slim and tone different parts of the body.
It mimics conventional chiropractic treatment, thus not only performing integrated toning, but also relieving stress and improving
genereal health–the ideal answer to a fervent liftestyle!
Choose superior range material is softer.
Extent belt for overweight user in addition.
Assists in detaching fat which is then removed via the lymphatic system
Assists in slimming, digestion and relaxation
Promote good digestion and a clear complexing through improving the body\’s ability to absorb nutrients
Tones your abs, shoulders, thighs, calves, waist and more
Each session combines oscillating massage with mild heat
Heat diffusion to ease blood circulation
Perfect health in 10 minutes a day. Order now on shamborina enterprises and get it delivered at your door step.
1. Safety temperature control design.12

2. Forward and Reverse motion mode.

3. Slim and sculpt your waistline.

4. With vibrating and heating function.

5. Five variable speed and vibration settings to suit your personal preference.

6. Can be used to massage the waist, back, shoulders, , thighs, butts and so on.

7. With functions of ultrasonic vibration, relaxing channels and collaterals.

8. Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue and muscle soreness.

9. Helps build muscles without exercising.00

10.Portable and easy to use, can be used anywhere and anytime you want….

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Vibro shape electric slimming belt

KSh 4,999.00KSh 6,000.00 (-17%)

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