VGA to HDMI adapter

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No need to install drivers it is portable flexible plug and play Low power.  No need for power supply Output the audio synchronisation with video High bandwidth capabilities support 1080p


With the recent upgrade to 4K monitors, VGA might become obsolete, there is need to create analog interfaces to connect to upgraded¬†¬†monitors, that‚Äôs the reason we introduce VGA2HDMI adapter to connect to these PCs.¬†HD video converter from VGA to HDMI with audio VGA2HDMI adapter box for PC, DVD set TV boxes. It’s is a high definition video converter which converts VGA analog signal and analog audio signal to HDMI digital signal. It¬†helps¬†users change the high quality of the normal VGA¬†signal into HDMI video signal. The adapter has one input of 3.5mm¬†VGA Cable/ Jack¬†and one output of HDMI.¬†It enables one to watch HD videos on the normal TV without HDMI interface. It connects to¬†HD camera, HD blu-DVD players, displayers, HD set top boxes CRT/LED display, earphones and projection. .

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VGA to HDMI adapter

KSh 1,999.00KSh 3,000.00 (-33%)

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