Uv light gel dryer for manicure/pedicure

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1. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, 3300 mA, can be recharged, very convenient to use.


2. Shell:Sturdy and durable, rear fan-shaped cooling hole design, easy to heat, long-term use of the body is not hot.


3.27 LED dual-core lamp beads (band: 365nm, 405nm) 60W high-power, full baking angle, quick drying nail glue oil.


4. Adapter: filtering anti-interference, lightning protection, etc.


5. The machine is packaged with shockproof settings and has good shockproof capability, suitable for overseas long-distance transportation.


6.3 kinds of time gear selection, 30S 60S 90S, the default time is 30S.


7. The above shows the amount of battery remaining, you can always understand the use of the battery, charge the battery in advance, will not delay the timing of baking.

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Uv light gel dryer for manicure/pedicure

KSh 2,999.00KSh 3,500.00 (-14%)

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