Powerbank – 30,000mAh – Black

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Power Looks Compact

The 30,000mAh Power Bank is extremely slim. This super compact charging device has a total weight of 372g, which enables you to slip it in your pockets or purses with utmost ease. It provides excellent portability, so you always have back up.

High Performance Battery

Even though the 30,000mAh Power Bank is slender, it packs quite a punch, thanks to its embedded 30,000mAh capacity battery. The integrated battery, when fully charged, will juice up your mobile phones or tablets in just a matter of time.

Enables Fast Charging Of Your Mobile Devices

The 30,000mAh Power Bank’s two USB ports ensure your connected devices are recharged faster than run of the mill charging devices. A high speed USB cable that comes bundled with this accessory further enables accelerated charging.

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Powerbank - 30,000mAh - Black

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