car vacuum cleaner with tyre inflator

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Car vacuum cleaner with tire pressure monitor, which can measure the tire pressure and reduce the safety risks caused by excessive or low tire pressure.

Connect the inflatable tube to the tire inflation port, connect the car cigarette lighter and swell quickly in 5 minutes (Note: only suitable for use in emergency situations)

Washable and reusable HEPA filter with a filtration accuracy of 0.3 μm that effectively filters dust and mites and eliminates secondary contaminants.

This product must be discontinued when the machine is heated to prevent it from burning the fuse.


①EVA Hose
Suitable for places where the bottom of the seat sofa is not easily accessible.
②Long/Short Flat Mouth
Suitable for all kinds of small corners in the car, such as the bottom of the seat, side of the seat, etc.
③Carpet/Cushion Brush
Suitable for cleaning the suede and gap parts, such as the bottom of cushion, backup box carpet, cushion, air conditioning outlet, etc.
④Smoke Lighting Port of Vehicle Power Supply
Metal cigarette lighter, built-in fuse, the upper part of the design using clip, can better connect with the car cigarette lighter, compact and not loose, improve the safety of use.
⑤Inflatable, Test Pressure Connection Hose + Multi-purpose Inflation Nozzle
Applicable to tires, football, bicycles, inflatable boats and other items
Note: The cigarette lighter should be connected when charging.

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car vacuum cleaner with tyre inflator

KSh 3,999.00KSh 6,000.00 (-33%)

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