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  • Unique Features
  • Much Smoother result
  • The Fruit is Treated with care
  • ┬áThe Pineapple retains it’s Juice- Long shelf life
  • The Fruit is clean at the end

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This new peeler has several┬áunique features. The pineapple is not peeled from the outside inwards. This is the method used by conventional machines. The fruit is cut ‘out of its peel’. The pineapple’s peel remains intact. The peeled fruit is not cut or bruised. Its surface is, therefore,┬ámuch smoother.

The pineapple peeler treat the fruit with┬ácare. This new machine does not damage the fruit’s flesh either. That means the pineapple retains its juice. That, of course, immediately improves the product’s shelf life. The machine also cuts minimally through the pineapples’ peels. That distinguishes it from the competition. This minimal cutting keeps the fruit, as well as the┬áblades, clean

The Pineapple Peeler┬áquickly peels┬á16 pineapples per minute. It decrowns and cores the fruit too. This machine can also process pineapples with no crowns. Pineapples can be sliced, as desired, in various ways – in halves, quarters, or a specific number of slices. The fruit’s cylinder size and distance from head to tail can be carefully determined. This results in a┬ávery uniform┬áend product.

The Pineapple Peeler’s slicing cylinder makes┬áno contact┬áwith the fruit’s exterior. The pineapple is topped and tailed first. This action is the only time the blades touch the peel. The pineapple cylinder’s circumference has the largest area. And it remains clean. There is limited slicing from the fruit’s outside to its inside. That means the blades also last a lot longer. It ┬áhas the perfect solution for processing pineapples halves into chunks. The fruit halves fit precisely into the┬á Fruitcutter’s tray. This machine also slices and treats fruit with care. That means containers of pineapple chunks’ shelf┬álife┬áis also extended.

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KSh 999.00KSh 1,500.00 (-33%)

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